Course Outline


Day 1General introduction to terminology. Tooth Charting.

Day 2Radiology theory and practice of intraoral and extraoral x-ray techniques, x-ray safety and darkroom procedures.

Day 3Composite / filling materials, mixing and curing. Cavity prep, restorative materials.

Day 4Four-handed dentistry, aspiration, instrument transfer, isolation,  local anesthesia, patient comfort, and handpiece maintenance.

Day 5Endodontic and orthodontic instruments, materials and procedures, job interview techniques.  Review for Mid-Term.

Day 6 MID-TERM EXAM, Oral surgery and periodontal instruments and materials.

Day 7Tub and tray systems. Various sterilization methods. Impressions and models.  OSHA.

Day 8Office management, front desk operation, appointments, billing and dental insurance.

Day 9Crown and bridge instruments and materials. Whitening trays. Review for Final.

Day 10FINAL EXAM AND PRACTICAL EXAM, Pedodontic assisting, and course review, final exam and practical clinical review. Graduation and awarding of certificates.

We are also happy to offer clinical observation in our office. We are a fully functioning Dental Practice in the work week and if your schedule allows we open up our office for you to observe in an office setting.  Many of our students have enjoyed the opportunity to shadow our assistant and be able to ask Dr. Shipley and staff questions one-on-one.

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